DISCIPLINE: ‘between carrot and stick’


Among the greatest challenge of being a teacher is that the teachers do not read. And perhaps this is the reason, I am sharing this little blog with all of you.

Why do teachers need to be read? Here are two very easy to understand and simple reason to convince yourself.

First of all, you owe it your students. You are their leader, their mentor, the facilitator, the educator, the Binocular with which they view the world around. Thus your Horizon of the world must expand and books will do that. Travels and movies will also do it but books definitely are on my top of the list.

The second reason is you can’t expect a student to do what you don’t do yourself! So put that mobile phone down and read. Read a minimum of one page day and then increase the appetite.

To make you feel better about your reading skills, I have done a small video compilation of all the books, almost two dozen on discipline, from which I have taken my sessions on the workshop titled – DISCIPLINE: ‘between carrot and stick’.

So this book list will have feel good factor that this is a Cocktail of 20 odd books, which you either would not have read or may not have read or don’t not want to read! So now you got an understanding of range of books, go yourself give a nice treat and feel good that you read at least a dozen books on discipline and you are a better disciplined teacher today, than you were yesterday.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Listen & learn from the 10 sessions.
2. Email a short 50 worded summary of your key lessons to dawood@skyeducation.in
3. Tweet a feedback to @CEOteacher
4. Win a digital certificate as a gift from SKY Education

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