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Quick Info– AB de Villiers is South African cricketer & also represents RCB in Indian Premier League (IPL).

When ABD is on a song, there is little else to desire. It is a sight to behold. Abraham Benjamin de Villiers has all the cricketing shots in the book. And quite a few, that don’t even exist. The lofted cover drive, reverse sweeps, those straight drives which can be used in the geometry classes to teach about perpendicular lines. Batting comes easily to ABD.

Yet he is part of a curse. A curse that invariably comes to haunt the South African sides every world cup. The curse of the over expectation. The ultimate choke boys. They shine only to deceive. Amazingly these Proteas find innovative and unnatural ways to lose and bow out of tournaments that should have dominated and won.

Be it the Duckworth Lewis rain rules (vs England, 22 off one ball) or an unexpected batsman having a sudden innings of life (vs West Indies, Brian Lara in quarter-finals) or a rush of madness leading to a run out (vs Australia, Klusner & Donald) or their best fielder dropping a sitter of invariably the grittiest opposition batsmen (vs Australia, Gibbs dropping Steve Waugh). South Africans could never win the Cricket’s ultimate prize – The ODI World cup.

The curse has hurt them. Shattered their pride. Been borne by their best. From Cronje to Pollock, Kalis to Smith and now ABD.

It was then, ABD made a statement. A statement of intent. A statement of clarity. A statement of the growth mindset. So what did he really say? ABD mentioned that “I will not let winning the world cup define my career.” Such a profound statement. His career is a highly decorated one. From amazing hundreds to stunning victories. A cup would be another, yet highly prestigious, but still another memorabilia. It cannot define him. If the cup happens, great but it would not take away anything from his achievements.

So often we let one mistake or one loss define us. A childless couple grieves the unborn, an entrepreneur rues the missed business opportunity or a teacher laments the lack of one more degree. That’s not us. That’s fixed mindset.

So let us be free from the shackles of that one elusive moment. Embrace the challenges. Accept the good with the ugly. And like our superman from the 22 yards, don’t let one achievement or the lack of it, define you.

About the Author
The author Dawood Vaid’s journey from engineer to educationist has taken him across Russia, Switzerland, and Dubai. He is a teacher trainer and a Growth Mindset Coach. Hold an MBA, an MA in Education and a certificate course on ‘Teaching of 21st Century Skills’ by The University of Melbourne. He has developed capsules using the 21st-century skills under the organization Sky Education which he head as the CEO. The capsules focus on the core theme HEAL – Humanities, Environment, Arts, and Language.

Hear him speak at YouTube: Sky Education TV or email dawood@skyeducation.in

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