21st Century Skills

We at Sky Education aim to get everyone on the skill bandwagon through our unique combination of curated curriculum and Life Skills Lab.

The program aims to equip our young learners with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century while empowering the Mentors and the Teachers with a guided program.

Discover our Curriculum (CANDLE)

In our time surrounded with technology and gadgets, candle provide a welcome relief. A candle symbolizes energy and light.


Achieve Life Skill based learning by:

Focus on developing Skill based labs across the K-12 domain
Combine WHO (World Health Organization) & WEF (World Economic Forum) Skills program to achieve UN Sustainable development Goals
Create opportunities for Teachers’ to participate in skill enhancement trainings

The Wax represents our primary learners as malleable and ready to be moulded.

The Wick's strength ensures longevity and the effectiveness of the light.

Our Team